Aspire Professional Services, Inc.
Lean Six Sigma Training and Consulting

Industries Served

Aspire Professional Services, Inc. is dedicated to helping organizations realize the power of Lean Six Sigma and the results of greater profitability with less frustration.  This is accomplished through streamlining all business processes.  These Lean Six Sigma tools are applicable to all business and organizations.  We are ready to work with and train your people to be effective lean six sigma practitioners.

Lean Six Sigma has been mostly utilized by large manufacturing and service companies to great advantage.  Almost all automakers today produce high quality automobiles due to these techniques.  The mainstream service sectors have been slower to adopt the techniques.  If you are in one of the following industries, contact us for a free, no obligation interview:

Automotive Parts/ Service

Air Conditioning/ Heating and Ventilation

Medical Clinics, Labs, small hospitals

General Construction Contractors


Accounting firms

Landscaping Companies

Petroleum Related Service Companies

Petrochemical Related Service and manufacturing companies

Machine Shops

Small to Medium Specialty Manufacturers

Food Service Companies

Non-profit organizations

Professional Engineering Companies

Small to Medium Retail Stores

Small to Medium Service Business of all varieties

Aerospace (We have NASA experience)

Hi Tech and Startups